House Research

I investigate the history of houses. I solve their mysteries by uncovering the secrets of the building and the people who lived there.

When was it built? Who built it? Are there any old photos of it? Did it have a name? To try to answer these questions and many more, I become a detective- I visit archives, I search the net, I examine the house itself and I chase down any leads I come across. I never know where my research will take me!

Heritage Advice

With post-graduate qualifications and over nine years experience in heritage research, conservation and management, I also offer an advisory service to building or house owners. This includes advice on repairing, restoring or extending your house. I am also experienced in the preparation of Heritage Impact Statements and Conservation Management Plans for heritage listed properties.

Family History

My other passion / addiction is family history research. Do you want to add some branches and leaves to your family tree? Or maybe you want to know answers to specific questions like “where did Grandfather Bob serve in the war?”; “when did Great Gran Jemima first come to Australia?”; or “are there any convicts in the family?”. I absolutely love finding out more about who people are and where they came from!

Other Research

Got a particular topic you would like to know more about? I am interested in all areas of history and I'm happy to undertake research requests. Some previous research papers include: The Responses to Death in the Victorian Era, A War Against War - the history of the Women's Peace Army in Australia and Changes in Transportation - an analysis of convict transportation and the differences between the early and later phases.

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