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  1. Is anyone else feeling despondent about “development” in Brisbane?

    11 Feb 2021

    I normally like to think of myself as quite a positive person, but lately I’ve been feeling so despondent about heritage legislation and urban planning in Brisbane. I’ve always known that you can’t save everything and I accept that a city needs some development, but more and more I feel…

  2. Should we save buildings just because they’re old?

    23 Feb 2014

    The recent action and discussion regarding saving the O’Reilly’s Bonded Stores complex in Brisbane has got me thinking. Firstly, I am absolutely elated that there are so many people like me, who value Brisbane’s architectural history and appreciate early Brisbane streetscapes such as the one on Margaret Street. But it…

  3. What the heck is “heritage” anyway?

    09 Feb 2014

    Heritage can be generally defined as anything that is, or will be, inherited. Heritage is anything that has been passed down from previous generations and is considered to be of importance to the history of a particular group of people, a community, state, country or the entire world. This can…

  4. Well hi there!

    07 Feb 2014

    Welcome to my blog! Here you will find posts showcasing interesting house research discoveries and stories, articles about heritage legislation, management and conservation, opinion pieces on related topics and anything else this little history nerd thinks you may find interesting Here’s a picture of a pretty old house to whet…

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