Currawilla Station building during renovations, Western Queensland, c1910  (National Library of Australia)

Before you get started renovating, it's important to get to know your house a bit better. By better understanding the age, history, design and construction of your home, you can ensure that your renovation is appropriate, sympathetic and adds maximum value.  

By knowing more about your house, it will also help you get the details right.  For example, if you are re-opening a closed-in verandah, you want to make sure you install the right design of railing for your era and style of house.

There are many benefits of a well-researched and good quality renovation, including: 

  • Adding maximum value to your home
  • Keeping the original design intent of the house
  • Identifying important original building materials and character features  
  • Getting the details right 
  • Avoiding modern shortcuts/materials that won't last and will cost more in the long run 
  • Passing on the house in better condition than how you found it 
  • Contributing to saving our incredibly important old homes!

Pre-Renovation Advice Service - $1000 

This package combines my many years of experience as an architectural historian, as well as my previous employment as a heritage consultant. I will visit your house, work through it room by room with you and discuss your ideas and plans. I will identify the style and era of your house, discuss the original design intent, point out important original features that should be kept if possible and provide advice on the right style of any replacement features (e.g. verandah railings, fences, etc). I'll also answer any questions you may have.  I then put together a full report containing my findings and advice and email it to you as a PDF, so you can refer back to it as required. 

Pre-Renovation Recommended Reading List - FREE!

Renovation and restoration of old houses is a specialist area and although eventually I would like to put a book together on the topic, let's face it, that is a LONG way off! Thankfully, much work has been published previously on understanding, restoring and furnishing old houses. I have put together a recommended reading list of some fantastic books that cover all the different areas involved. You can download the list for FREE via the link below.

Although the information from my pre-renovation advice and these books is a good start, there is nothing like knowing the unique story of your individual home before you start changing your house. I offer a range of research services, including searching for the date of construction, looking for old photos, finding out if it had a name and much, much more. You can view my packages and prices here, or feel free to contact me with any questions.

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