1. Hidden in Plain Sight: the WW2 Munitions Factory at Salisbury

    2022-04-23 23:28:51 UTC
    A current aerial photograph of the site (NearMap) 1946 aerial view of the entire Munitions Factory Site  (Brisbane City Council) A site plan of the Rocklea Munitions Factory, c1941 (National Archives of Australia Item No: 4168754) One of the munitions buildings covered with camouflage, 1943 (National Archives of the United…

  2. Is anyone else feeling despondent about “development” in Brisbane?

    2021-02-11 02:28:48 UTC
    I normally like to think of myself as quite a positive person, but lately I’ve been feeling so despondent about heritage legislation and urban planning in Brisbane. I’ve always known that you can’t save everything and I accept that a city needs some development, but more and more I feel…

  3. What the heck does “heritage listed” mean?

    2019-06-26 01:54:44 UTC
    Throughout my work, I often see and hear a lot of misinformation about what “heritage listed” means,  what the process of heritage listing involves and what the implications are for the owner of a property. This is not really surprising, as it is quite confusing! I’ve been in the game…

  4. The Reservoirs: A Best Practice Example of Adaptive Re-use

    2014-09-01 00:32:00 UTC
    For the last couple of weeks I volunteered as a tour guide at the Wickham Terrace water reservoirs in Brisbane, which have been open to the public for the first time in their history.  The reservoirs are located behind the much better known windmill and were built to house the…

  5. Are we destroying the heritage buildings of the future?

    2014-03-24 23:55:00 UTC
    After comments on my last post about the Bonded Stores, it seemed that to a lot of people in Brisbane, old age alone is reason enough to retain a building. So what about the modern buildings we are demolishing now? Will people in the future bemoan the destruction that took…

  6. Should we save buildings just because they’re old?

    2014-02-23 23:30:00 UTC
    The recent action and discussion regarding saving the O’Reilly’s Bonded Stores complex in Brisbane has got me thinking. Firstly, I am absolutely elated that there are so many people like me, who value Brisbane’s architectural history and appreciate early Brisbane streetscapes such as the one on Margaret Street. But it…

  7. What the heck is “heritage” anyway?

    2014-02-09 22:58:00 UTC
    Heritage can be generally defined as anything that is, or will be, inherited. Heritage is anything that has been passed down from previous generations and is considered to be of importance to the history of a particular group of people, a community, state, country or the entire world. This can…

  8. Well hi there!

    2014-02-07 10:26:00 UTC
    Welcome to my blog! Here you will find posts showcasing interesting house research discoveries and stories, articles about heritage legislation, management and conservation, opinion pieces on related topics and anything else this little history nerd thinks you may find interesting Here’s a picture of a pretty old house to whet…

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