I unashamedly admit that I'm a complete media tart! Here are some of my appearances on TV, online, in print, on the radio and in podcasts. As you can tell, getting me talking isn't the issue... it's shutting me up that's the problem ;)


My appearance on Channel 9's "My Way", 7 November 2021.

A segment on Channel 9 News, discussing the Corley Collection at the State Library of Queensland, 19 June 2019. Watch it here.

Discussing the Brisbane Retro project on Sky Real Estate, Foxtel, September 2017. Watch it here.


Chatting with the lovely Peta Charles from Brisbane Town Planning about relocated houses. Why it's important to know if your house has been moved to its location, evidence to look for, how they were moved and why and tips on uncovering the history of the house! Watch the full video here.

Print / Online Articles

"Humanities Champion" Interview by Hannah Taylor,  University of Queensland Advanced Humanities Student, May 2022

An ABC News article about Mater Prize Homes, including comments by yours truly :) 20 February 2022. You can read the full article here.

My interview  in "Footnote", the University of Queensland's Modern History Society Journal, October 2021. You can read it here.

A story for the ABC about an abandoned textile factory at Salisbury, 13 May 2021. You can read the full article here.

Interviewed by ABC News about the future of Shafston House at Kangaroo Point, 3 February 2021. You can read it here.

A follow up article to my radio interview on ABC Tropical North about what I do and some stunning Mackay buildings, 12 October 2020. You can read it here.

Courier Mail Real Estate, 23 November 2019. Read it here.

Sydney Morning Herald / Domain Real Estate, 5 February 2019. Read it here.

Brisbane News Magazine, August 2018. Read it here.

Courier Mail online, July 2018. Read it here.

Frankie Magazine, December 2017.

ABC Website, November 2017. Read it here.

City South News, 28 Sept 2017

South East Advertiser, 27 Sept 2017

Westside News, 27 Sept 2017

South City Bulletin, May 2016. Read the full story on pages 3 and 12 here.

Sunday Mail, April 2016

Radio / Podcasts

Chatting to Sofie Formica on 4BC about what I do, 5 November 2021. You can listen here (skip to 54:55 for me).

Chatting on ABC Tropical North about what I do and Mackay's wonderful buildings on 6 October 2020. You can listen here.

Chatting to Jessica Reynolds from Urban Planners Queensland on the Creating Australia Podcast about what I do, April 2020. You can listen here or on Apple Podcasts.

Discussing my work with Craig Zonca on ABC radio, November 2017. Listen here.

Chatting with Emma Griffiths on ABC radio about the Waltons Store in Fortitude Valley, September 2017. Listen here. Sketch of Walton's Buildings in Fortitude Valley, Brisbane, ca. 1891 from State Library of Queensland.

Discussing Tudor style houses in Brisbane with Emma Griffiths on ABC radio, February 2017. Listen here. Drawing of a Tudor style dwelling ca. 1935 from State Library of Queensland.

Discussing the history of Cannon Hill with Clare Blake on 4BC, 20 August, 2016. Listen here. Photo of a house on Cleveland Road at Cannon Hill, c1891, from the State Library of Queensland.

An interview I did with Clare Blake on 4BC radio in October 2015, discussing that year's Brisbane Open House. Listen here.

Chatting on 4BC radio with Clare Blake about suburb and street name changes and the Corley Collection of old house photos, 28 October 2015. Listen here.

On 4BC radio with Clare Blake and Kevin Turner, discussing development in Brisbane, August 2015. Listen here.

Interview with Terri Begley and Spencer Howson on ABC Radio about my Brisbane Retro project, April 2015. Listen here.

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