Brisbane Retro: post-war houses of Brisbane

In 2015 I received the Lord Mayor's Helen Taylor Research Award to undertake the Brisbane Retro project.

I photographed, researched and recorded 23 houses, built between 1940 and 1980. The examples I chose were ones that survived in near original condition, as I wanted to capture evidence of what these houses were like when first built. I tried to select a range of houses reflecting the huge variety of styles, locations, materials and costs of housing built during the era. 

I researched the history of each house and established a context for the physical evidence I documented in each, such as whether they were privately built, social or government housing, architect or non-architect designed and high or low budget. Based on this, I tried to draw some generalisations about what an "average" house was during this period. The only conclusion I came to was that there was no such thing! 

I presented the outcome of my project at an exhibition in April 2016 and have produced an e-book. A print book is currently being developed. Please email me at with any enquiries. You can also check out the Brisbane Retro Facebook page or follow me on Insta @brisretro.

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